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Clerk of the Works

Cavalry serves an independent observer of ongoing construction projects, overseeing the contractor’s work to ensure the work is performed correctly.

Know What’s Happening On Your Worksite

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable clerks bring extensive expertise in construction management to the table, enabling them to comprehensively assess and report on the activities occurring at any given jobsite. They possess a deep understanding of construction processes, methodologies, and quality standards, allowing them to effectively monitor and document project progress.

Whether you require daily reports to track project milestones, employee time tracking for accurate labor management, or even the presence of full-time videographers to capture crucial aspects of the construction process, our clerks are equipped to provide the necessary services. We understand that each project is unique, and we are committed to meeting your specific reporting requirements.

Why hire a clerk of the works?

A clerk of the works will monitor a job site on behalf of an insurance carrier to ensure the service provider producing the work on the site is doing so within scope, budget and on schedule.

Can a clerk of the works be involved in post-construction activities, such as final inspections and project closeout?

A clerk of the works may be involved in final inspections and project closeouts. However, they are not typically used to comment regarding quality or correctness of work and rather the cost of the work and timeliness.

How does a clerk of the works monitor and document construction progress?

A clerk will visit the site daily to ensure there are the proper crews carrying out the current necessary function of the project. For example, they will confirm the structure has been framed, then insulation, electrical, plumbing, etc. before the wallboard is installed.

How does a clerk of the works ensure that materials and workmanship meet the specified requirements?

A clerk does not typically ensure workmanship. This is more of a budgetary and scheduling function.