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Safety First

Zero Injuries

At Cavalry Construction Company, safety comes first to us, with construction workers having one of the most dangerous jobs in America, we continue to educate our employees that safety is most important to us. We require all of our employees to attend OSHA’s Fall Protection class, as well as OSHA’s 10 Hour Training class. Our employees have also completed the Texas Association of Builders’ Model Construction Safety Program and Jobsite Safety Standards. We keep our safety manuals up-to-date with the latest OSHA safety regulations.

We believe that if safety always comes first then we will be able to be successful in everything we do. It is important that every jobsite is safe for our customers, and our employees. By paying close attention to safety standards at jobsites, we can complete the job at the high standards our customers hold us to. For the past 28 years Cavalry has reported ZERO injuries.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration