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Storm Damage Restoration Services

Wind, rain, and hail wreak devastating havoc on homes and businesses. That’s what Cavalry’s storm restoration construction services are here for.

Storm Restoration Services

The damage inflicted by hurricanes, tornadoes, and high-wind thunderstorms can range from missing shingles and broken glass to flooding and even complete destruction. No matter how severe the damage, Cavalry’s trusted professionals are experts in restoring your property as safely and efficiently as possible.

Cavalry is proud to be the most trusted storm repair contractor across the Austin, San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston areas. In the event of damage inflicted by a storm, we work hand-in-hand with your insurance company to ensure the restoration process goes smoothly.

Cavalry Reconstruction Services for the YMCA building YMCA building before renovation
24/7 Emergency Response: 888-601-3473

What To Do In Wake Of A Storm

Once you ensure that you, your family, and any pets are safe after a storm, be sure to take these steps immediately.

1. Document the damage:

Take photos or videos of the damage as soon as possible. This will be helpful when you make an insurance claim or need to show the damage to a contractor.

2. Contact your insurance company:

Call your insurance company to report the damage. They will guide you through the claims process.

3. Prevent further damage:

If possible, take steps to prevent further damage from occurring. For example, cover broken windows with plastic or plywood and move any furniture or valuables to a safe and dry location.

4. Call Cavalry:

After a devastating event like a powerful storm, you’ll need trusted storm repair contractors you can count on. Cavalry’s Emergency Response Teams are on standby 24/7 to come to your aid in the event of a storm. Don’t hesitate and let the damage get worse!

Credentials You Can Count On

We proudly serve our clients with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.