• Start: June 26, 2018
  • Finish: August 29, 2018
Team Utilized
  • 150+ Total
  • In-House
  • Subcontracted
Facility Resources


Because of a natural gas explosion that shut down entire hospital the entire facility had to be placed under temporary cooling and generated power in certain areas. There were several areas of the facility under investigation by Law Enforcement Agencies and Engineers that had to be carefully worked around.

The facility had to be cleaned throughout and selective demo was required in several places. All had to be completed in as little time as possible with crews working 24/7 to minimize downtime.

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At approximately 2:15pm, a large explosion occurred in the Central Utility Plant.


After months of investigating the cause, it was concluded as an accidental natural gas explosion. 

Explosion Smoke

Tragically, three individuals deceased and 13 others were injured.

Explosion Injuries

The explosion left the hospital and the surrounding areas without power and utilities, forcing the hospital to evacuate all patients and staff.

Explosion Evacuation


Completion in 7 days (6-8 weeks from other quotes)


Length of time in days to full completion


In-House Team & Subcontractors
Cavalry Team at Coryell Memorial Hospital
Coming out on top


The Cavalry team was award the job based on response time and the ability to recognize the importance of minimizing downtime of facilities, along with relationship and trust with the insurance carrier.

Return and Impact

The initial projections for the project had been set to 6-8 weeks of downtime. The Cavalry team was able to get staff and patients back to operations using approx. 95% of facilities within 7 days of Cavalry beginning work.

The hospital CEO called the efforts Herculean and the insurance carrier was very satisfied with the efforts and ability to limit the loss of use of the medical facilities to such a short period of time.

Service Scope

  • Emergency Services
  • Temp. Cooling/Power Distribution
  • Disaster Cleanup
  • Forensic Demolition
  • HVAC/Duct Cleaning
  • Permanent Repairs
    • Roofing, Framing, Siding, Drywall, Paint, Mechanical

Disaster Cleanup

The initial projections for the project had been set to 6-8 weeks of downtime.

HVAC/Duct Cleaning

The initial projections for the project had been set to 6-8 weeks of downtime.

Rebuild Walls and Roofing

Forensic Demolition

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