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Roofing Repair & Replacement

Did your roof suffer damage from a storm or fire? Cavalry Construction is ready to meet your roofing needs whatever the cause of damage may be.

Roofing Services After Storm Damage in Texas

Extreme weather events are common in Texas, and your roof is often the first to take the blow. If your roof suffers damage from severe hail, wind, or other natural disasters, you’ll need a team of professionals to help with repair or replacements.

At Cavalry, we work to make sure the roof insurance claim process in Texas goes as smoothly as possible. We’ll communicate with you and your insurance company to ensure you’re getting maximum value out of repairs and replacements.

Our team of roofing professionals are experienced with all types of roofing systems, including commercial flat roofs, architectural shingles, tile, slate, metal and high impact shingles. Using the highest quality materials available in the U.S., we work with you and your insurance company to provide the top quality roofing system your home or business deserves.

  • Commercial & Residential Roof Replacement or Repairs
  • Insurance Claims
  • Hail / Wind Damage Assessment
  • Capital Improvement Roof Replacement
  • Restoration & Coating Technologies
  • Cool & Green Roof Technologies
  • Emergency Cover Up

In-house Roofing Services

Cavalry Construction self performs all roofing services instead of hiring third party companies to step in. This ensures the highest level of service and oversight in every project we start.

  • Shingles
  • Single ply membrane
  • Asphaltic membranes
  • Composite roofing products
  • Tile Roofs


Cavalry is certified through all of our providers which allows us to honor all manufacture warranties.

How To Get A Roof Replaced By Insurance

In Texas, you can file a claim if something like a storm or downed tree damages your roof. Insurance companies won’t replace a roof that’s damaged due to normal wear and tear.

It’s important to understand your insurance policy to be aware of what you’re expected to pay for roof damages. Because of the severe storms in Texas, many insurance companies have switched to offering Actual Cash Value (ACV), rather than Replacement Cost Value (RCV) in their policies. (You can learn more about the difference here.) If your policy offers ACV, your insurance company will only pay for what your roof is worth at the time you filed your claim.

How To Supplement A Roof Claim

In Texas, you can file a claim if something like a storm or downed tree damages your roof. Insurance companies won’t replace a roof that’s damaged due to normal wear and tear.

Supplementing a roof claim means asking for additions to an insurance claim. You might need to supplement a roof claim if the original estimate for replacement materials was below the actual amount.

Experienced roofing contractors like Cavalry will inspect the damage and supplement the claim for you. However, it’s best practice to document the damage to the best of your ability and share the estimate with our team to review it thoroughly. This will ensure that everyone, including your insurance company, is on the same page.

Roofing Laws In Texas

Texas roofing and insurance laws state that a contractor can’t act as a public insurance adjuster on insurance claims if they’re working on the roof. Read more about Texas roof and insurance laws on the official website of the Department of Insurance.

Do you offer warranties on roofing projects?

We do offer warranties based on the manufacture used. Please contact us for details.

Do you provide residential services?

Yes! We specialize in replacing and repairing both residential and commercial roofs.