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Cavalry Construction & Consulting performs appraisal work for numerous insurance companies on a regular basis.


We are a trusted consultant for insurance companies because we use our extensive knowledge in construction to properly evaluate a loss using only the facts.

We have completed thousands of appraisals for many different insurance companies and law firms.  We have a proven track record of settling appraisals before an umpire even gets involved.  We work off the facts and always write an estimate that reflects that.

In certain cases, an umpire can’t be avoided and Cavalry has substantial experience in umpire work as well.  With our extensive insurance, construction, and loss adjusting experience, we are often called by appraisers and property owners to act as umpires during the insurance appraisal process.  Cavalry is always fair, impartial, and just like in our appraisal work, our umpires work only off of the facts.

Does Cavalry Construction handle appraisals?

Cavalry consultants are experts in managing the appraisal process to successful conclusion. We have acted as appraisers and umpires in numerous disputes ranging from homeowners claims to extensive commercial claims. CV’s available upon request.

Can Cavalry prepare RFP’s to assist in determining repair cost?

Yes, Cavalry consultants are experts in construction scoping and have the resources to obtain multiple proposals to help in determining a fair and reasonable repair cost.